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With great influence comes great responsibility
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How it Works

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    Connect your social accounts

    Add all the social accounts you'd like to analyse & upload your history.

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    Analyse your Posts

    Our algorithm will analyse and flag any objectionable posts against 1000+ data points.

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    Manage your posts

    Simply select the posts you want to delete and we take care of the rest. Simple.

Why use Vanilla?

Own your
social data

Social media platforms make it very easy to take your data, but not so easy to manage and review it once they have it.

Protect your

A bit of banter between your friends can now be used against you in the court of public opinion and lose you your job or that big sponsorship deal.

Represent yourself

We've all said silly things in the past. Ensure your digital self represents your character and views accurately.

General Questions?

  • What is Vanilla?

    Vanilla is a tool that scans your social media for objectionable posts and allows you to manage them.
    Think of it as spring cleaning for your social history.
  • How does it work?

    Once you sign in and connect your accounts. We analyse every post against over 1000 data points and rank your posts based on a 'toxicity score'. Once the posts are flagged, you simply select which ones you want to keep or delete and we take care of the rest.
  • Does anyone see my posts?

    No. This is an automated process and there is no human review of posts involved.
  • Why should I care?

    We're living in a time of hypersensitivity and everything you've ever posted online is available for anyone to dig up.

    Your words carry weight and your brand is your currency. Preserve it by regularly auditing your social history.
  • Why do tweets take a while to delete?

    Twitter has limits on the number of tweets a user can delete per day. Vanilla is subject to those limits, so if you're deleting a large number of tweets we spread those out over time.
  • Can I buy this for my team?

    Sure, that sounds like a smart move. Empower your talent to manage their socials efficiently. We offer discounts for bulk orders.
    Let's talk
  • What social networks are currently supported?

    We're in BETA mode and have started with Twitter as our first integration.
  • Why upload archive for full scans?

    Twitter API limitations do not allow applications to access more than 3000 of your latest tweets. To bypass this we developed the option to upload your tweet archive. This will allow you to search and analyse all your tweets.